Because I was adopted

My feelings were complicated for years because of the fact that I’m adopted. I grew up (in an era AFTER Roe v. Wade) feeling extremely lucky and grateful that my biological mother didn’t abort me. But the more I learned about gender studies, particularly in college and grad school, the more I realized that the issue is NOT one about individual experience, rather a key human rights issue… one that should apply to every individual, certainly, but is also important in principle. Further, I was never naive to think that abortion would just magically go away if it was illegal, and I think every woman should have absolute control over her own body.


1 thought on “Because I was adopted

  1. Thank you for posting this!!!! this is HUGE reason I am pro-abortion. I think it’s a crime to bring a child into this world and then dump it off somewhere, like was done to me. So glad to read someone else understands !

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