Because my mom had a choice

I’m pro-choice for a weird reason… when my Mother became pregnant with me she was using an IUD. This was the 70s. Everyone advised her to have an abortion, and she refused. She was pro-choice, but she wanted another baby, she said she couldn’t think of a reason to abort, she was married, they had enough money, but also she just wanted a baby, it might miscarry due to the IUD but she said that was fine, she’d take the risk. In retaliation the doctors colluded with my father and had her hospitalized and try to force her to have an abortion. She refused. They kept her in hospital for over two weeks. I think if my father hadn’t left her (yes, he walked out while she was pregnant) the Doctor would have performed an abortion against her will, but he left and so never gave permission. I’m pro-choice because controlling when and how women have babies is not just about abortions, its also about the choice to have children.


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