Because I’ve always been pro-choice

I don’t remember making the choice to be pro-choice I’ve been that way since I can remember. I didn’t grow up in a religious/conservative household either. There are lots of reasons I’m pro-choice, but I think one of the most powerful reasons is being a woman myself and knowing I would want that option available to me in certain circumstances.

As kind of a side conversation here one thing that has kind of disheartened me in dating has been the large amount of men who are not even religious or conservative who when the issue of abortion comes up are completely against it. Some get mad and wonder why they don’t get a say in the matter. I mean more guys than not. If I find this out about a guy I’m dating I’m out. It much be nice not to have to worry about your period being late, being pregnant for 9 months, labor, giving birth, postpartum BS, and all the rest of the stuff that goes with having a child. One guy told me if I got pregnant I could just give him the baby no big deal problem solved! Its cool I’ll be your incubator dude!


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