Because I got to choose when I had a child

I have always been pro choice. My reasons are rather selfish I suppose; I don’t like being told what I can & can’t do with my body or my life so I reasoned that I can’t make decisions for anyone else’s body or life. I went to college, graduated, then completed a post graduate certification. I became pregnant facing the reality of single parenthood; the father of my child did not want me to have the baby, he had his own reasons for that. He let me know that if I had the baby he wouldn’t be a parent and we woudn’t be together. I chose to have my child and in fact was a single mother, raising my child without ever knowing his father. 3 yrs later I again became pregnant; for me the circumstances of my life had changed. I had a child I was struggling to support, I was underemployed & on partial government assistance. The father & I would probably never be together as parents even though he would’ve tried to be a parent to his child. We
chose to terminate the pregnancy. He was with me through the entire process. He held me as we cried before and after. We continued to date for 4 yrs when the relationship ended. It was ultimately my decision, my choice. It was not easy. It was not taken lightly. My choice. My life.

[Submitted by Ashley from Lemoore, California]


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