Because women & children deserve a QUALITY life

I get up in a Christian household with very Godly parents. They are the ones who like every “ban abortion” photo and comment on facebook. I have been surrounded by people my whole life who believe that women should not have a choice and abortion is bad no matter what. I grew up feeling the same and then everything changed. I had been having protected sex for quite sometime with my partner and never once became pregnant then I found out I was. I was in no place to bring a child into the world. I did not have the money to give a child a decent life, I do not think I could go through with an adoption (nor would my family approve), and my partner would have left if I kept the child. A single mom is not what I envisioned for my life. I went to the clinic to discuss an abortion. A week later I went back to the clinic. I was put under and do not remember a thing. To this day, I do not regret what I did. It does hurt some days when I think about the whole situation but I feel that I am better off. Never did I go around thinking I would abort my child when I get pregnant. When I went to the clinic, I never thought man I am making such an easy decision. It is not easy. I do not think pro-life people understand the position we are put it. It is not an easy decision and it isn’t a pleasant one. It is something that we have to do as women to survive.

The point I make is that I see the same pro-life people complaining about how many people are on medicaid, wic, and food stamps and how they have to support a woman and her 3 kids because her babies father left her. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the woman was pressured by family to not have an abortion? She can’t afford her children and now, yes, as a citizen you have to help her. Imagine if abortions were outlawed completely in the whole U.S. How many children would you be supporting then? How high would taxes be and what kind of life would these children have? I know my child would not have had an awful life but it wouldn’t have been easy.

Please stop and think about the woman and the quality of life for the child. Please stop and think about how many children would be in adoption care and foster agencies because mother’s who want to abort their children because they don’t want them or can’t care for them don’t get to. Accidents happen. Birth control doesn’t work 100%. Back up breaks. It happens… let the woman decide what kind of life is best for her child and herself.


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