Because in the 60s I saw women die from unsafe abortions

I was a student nurse in 1969 working in the emergency room of a big hospital in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. A car pulled up and a young woman was pushed out of the car just before it sped away. We rushed out to her and saw that the pavement was saturated in blood in such a short period of time. We placed her on a gurney and rushed her straight to the operating room. A couple of hours later a distraught young surgeon came to tell us she had died on the operating room table due to uncontrollable hemmorrhaging. Over the next 4 years, before Roe v. Wade was passed, I saw way too many young women come into the ER suffering sepsis, tetanus, hemmorrhage, perforated uterus, bowel and bladders, and too often death.

Morbidity and mortality dropped 90% after abortion was legalized and performed by competent physicians in sterile conditions.. Women have sought abortion since before recorded time, for all sorts of personal reasons. In fact a friend told me a story of being on an archeological dig in Israel in the 1970’s where they unearthed a uterine curret thought to be at least 5,000 years old. I still have a protest button from the 1970’s that depicts a wire coat hanger-inside it says NEVER AGAIN. I am so upset that I still have to wear it in 2013. Keep it LEGAL to keep it SAFE.

[Submitted by Jan Stowe of Traverse City, MI]


2 thoughts on “Because in the 60s I saw women die from unsafe abortions

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