Because forced births lead to forced poverty

I am staunchly Pro Choice because I am myself a result of an unwanted pregnancy. Lack of safe and legal access to abortions in the 1960’s forced my mother to have children she simply couldn’t afford to have.  I am the youngest of seven children born to a child bride married to a drug addicted chauvinist. My mother has admitted she would have liked to have had some control over the size of her family among other things in her life but with nowhere to turn she simply had no choice. She did a bang up job and I am blessed that she was a woman of strength and character but so many are not. My mother’s life was immensely harder than it should have been. I am firm in my belief that criminalizing abortions and limiting access to women is the fuel that fires an engine bent on keeping our poorest citizens in abject poverty.  Statistically, Countries where abortions are safe & legal have less poverty than countries that provide these important services to woman. Pro-Life and poverty  go hand in hand.  I am not ashamed to say I do not romanticize motherhood and the so called rights of the fetus, although, I am a  proud mother of three beautiful kids. I choose to have and care for them and make them a priority in my life. It is after all about CHOICE. We all have autonomy over our lives and bodies and women should not be any different.  I believe, what is truly behind the Pro-Life Movement is the punishing of women’s sexual choices,  more so than the actual concern for unborn children.  If you don’t care that they get help, food and/or shelter after they are born why do you care if they are born at all. It simply doesn’t make sense. I would rather help those that are here and need us than keep bringing unwanted babies into a world that can not nurture them to be productive adults. These unwanted children are the real victims in this war on women.  In my heart of hearts I believe, every child….EVERY child deserves to come into his world into loving and welcoming arms. And, every woman deserves the right to make that choice for herself!

[Submitted by Yoli Maldonado from Tampa, FL]


2 thoughts on “Because forced births lead to forced poverty

    • I just checked it out. Really great post…it’s embarrassing that the U.S., self-titled ‘leader of the free world’ is advocating for such regressive practices.

      Love your blog name by the way!

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