Because I am a father supporting my daughter’s rights

I remember sitting in the ‘parent room’ of a dance studio as a young father. Two women delved into a quarrel about abortion, one for, one against. The woman who chose to declare she was “Pro Life” could not really come up any good reasons or validate any facts as to why women should be denied the right to a professionally administered abortion. When she asked the ‘Pro-Choice’ woman (nearly screaming it) why abortion should be legal? She calmly stated, “Because I would like for my daughter to have access to it, should she ever need it.” This sent me into research mode for next several weeks, and upon discovering that human beings were actually being allowed to die in medical facilities all over the world simply because abortion was made illegal there, I started to worry about my own daughter. Can’t recall having been anything other than Pro Choice since I was a teen and this only served to galvanize my beliefs.

No one should be telling anyone else what they need – flash forward 20 years, my daughter is now pregnant with her second child. Something goes terribly wrong internally; they can no longer detect a heartbeat. The baby, for some unknown reason, has died in the womb. If my daughter’s body does not evacuate the fetus naturally, they are going to have to take it out. Luckily for us, it came out naturally. BUT! What if it hadn’t and there was some stupid law that said, no, sorry, we can’t help you because someone else’s ‘ideal’ helped make it law that this one particular procedure was wrong and bad.  It’s easy to make decisions and vote in a manner that brings ruin to others as long it is not going to affect you. It’s all well and good until, oops! the ‘wolf shows up at your back door’. Think twice about who you’re going to hurt the next time you walk into a voting booth and act in a manner that will deny someone else a basic right.

[Submitted from Iowa City, IA]


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