Because Roe v. Wade made my 2nd abortion safe

I had an illegal abortion in 1960’s, before Roe vs Wade.  I was on the pill, we were both in college on scholarships, and had no way to raise a child, nor were we ready at all to afford or be parents. We drove to OK at a Dr.’s back door.  He heavily sedated me and I was unable to move or even speak, but was aware.  He called me all kinds of horrible names, raped me, then did the abortion. I stumbled out to the car and we started to drive home, but within 100 miles of home I started hemorrhaging so we pulled into an all night clinic.  The doctor there must have known but just proceeded to do a D&C and sent us on our way.

Years later, a mother of 2, and struggling to keep us fed and sheltered (after leaving my abusive husband), I again got pregnant on the pill via rape by my ex-husband.  Abortions were by then legal and safe (also paid for by Medicaid).  Nobody should ever have to have an illegal and terribly unsafe abortion ever again!!

[Submitted from Phoenix, AZ]


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