Because pro-life shock tactics are wrong

I am pro-choice for a lot of reasons, but I became pro-choice at a very definitive moment. I was in DC around the age of 13 with a school field-trip to see all the buildings and stuff. In one of the parks we were walking through, some anti-choicers were holding a protest against abortion.

I saw the signs of bloody fetuses and other really horrific images, and I decided that a group of people who had to resort to terrible shock tactics like that was a) just full of horrible people and b) didn’t actually have a strong enough argument to support their rationale, making shocking demonstrations the only way for them to get what they wanted.

I decided in that moment I wanted nothing to do with them.


1 thought on “Because pro-life shock tactics are wrong

  1. As a pro-lifer, I also agree that that’s a horrible thing to do. Pro-lifers profess to love, value, and respect life. I’m sure there are far more loving ways to communicate the message.

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