Because every situation is different

I have many reproductive system anomalies, including a fused uterus and polycystic ovarian cysts that border on cancerous. I was told at the age of 13 when I went in for severe menstrual bleeding and excessive pain that I would have to be on birth control until I was old enough to have a hysterectomy or suffer intense pain and increased risk of cancer with each menstrual cycle.

I was then told when I got married that due to my tipped and fused uterus that I would be to unable to carry a child to term without excessive preparation and even then would risk death to myself.

Birth control and abortion are important to me to keep me alive for my family and the families for whom I serve as a community mental health therapist. I am pro-choice because of my experiences and the experiences of the people I work with. I understand that every situation is different and every choice is personal.

[Submitted from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma]


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