Because Roe v. Wade made my 2nd abortion safe

I had an illegal abortion in 1960’s, before Roe vs Wade.  I was on the pill, we were both in college on scholarships, and had no way to raise a child, nor were we ready at all to afford or be parents. We drove to OK at a Dr.’s back door.  He heavily sedated me and I was unable to move or even speak, but was aware.  He called me all kinds of horrible names, raped me, then did the abortion. I stumbled out to the car and we started to drive home, but within 100 miles of home I started hemorrhaging so we pulled into an all night clinic.  The doctor there must have known but just proceeded to do a D&C and sent us on our way.

Years later, a mother of 2, and struggling to keep us fed and sheltered (after leaving my abusive husband), I again got pregnant on the pill via rape by my ex-husband.  Abortions were by then legal and safe (also paid for by Medicaid).  Nobody should ever have to have an illegal and terribly unsafe abortion ever again!!

[Submitted from Phoenix, AZ]


Because ‘pro-life’ is often hypocritical

I am pro-choice because I respect the intelligence of women making such a difficult choice. I respect the idea of ‘pro-life’ but find it carried out in a hypocritical and inconsistent manner. Unless one is willing to adopt the child in question, it is nobody’s business but the woman in question.

[Submitted from Sierra Madre, CA]

Because I am a father supporting my daughter’s rights

I remember sitting in the ‘parent room’ of a dance studio as a young father. Two women delved into a quarrel about abortion, one for, one against. The woman who chose to declare she was “Pro Life” could not really come up any good reasons or validate any facts as to why women should be denied the right to a professionally administered abortion. When she asked the ‘Pro-Choice’ woman (nearly screaming it) why abortion should be legal? She calmly stated, “Because I would like for my daughter to have access to it, should she ever need it.” This sent me into research mode for next several weeks, and upon discovering that human beings were actually being allowed to die in medical facilities all over the world simply because abortion was made illegal there, I started to worry about my own daughter. Can’t recall having been anything other than Pro Choice since I was a teen and this only served to galvanize my beliefs.

No one should be telling anyone else what they need – flash forward 20 years, my daughter is now pregnant with her second child. Something goes terribly wrong internally; they can no longer detect a heartbeat. The baby, for some unknown reason, has died in the womb. If my daughter’s body does not evacuate the fetus naturally, they are going to have to take it out. Luckily for us, it came out naturally. BUT! What if it hadn’t and there was some stupid law that said, no, sorry, we can’t help you because someone else’s ‘ideal’ helped make it law that this one particular procedure was wrong and bad.  It’s easy to make decisions and vote in a manner that brings ruin to others as long it is not going to affect you. It’s all well and good until, oops! the ‘wolf shows up at your back door’. Think twice about who you’re going to hurt the next time you walk into a voting booth and act in a manner that will deny someone else a basic right.

[Submitted from Iowa City, IA]

Because it’s no one else’s business

I was going through a difficult time in my life with hormonal imbalance, job issues along moving.

I was very upset when I suspected that I was pregnant.  When it was confirmed I was devastated!  I CHOSE to have an abortion.  In no way was I able to raise another child.   I was mentally unstable at  the time so was not way able to take care of me, my son, or another child.  Having people who have no compassion is not what we expect.  The only person that should make a decision to have an abortion is the person that is having the procedure.  It is no one else’s business!!!!!!

[Submitted from Surprise, AZ]

Because I saw a damaging illegal abortion

Adele Winston
Comment: I’m pro-choice because my closest friend was forced to have an illegal abortion in the Sixties, it was botched, and she had serious gynaecological problems for the rest of her life.

[Submitted by Adele Winston from State College, PA]

Because I don’t want to be pregnant

I am pro-choice because the decision to have children is deeply personal and no one should be forced to stay pregnant and have a child when they aren’t ready.
Personally, I know if I got pregnant, abortion would be my only choice. Not only do I not want to have a baby (they are expensive and,  honestly, I would be an awful mother), but the mere thought of myself being pregnant is disgusting. In college, when the professor described in detail what happens to a women’s body, I became physically ill and has to leave the glass and vomit. I am in owe how other women can do it, you ladies are brave and I am not.

[Submitted by Sara from Erie, PA]

Because people should control their own destiny

I am pro-choice because each person should be able to control their own destiny. I have made a choice to continue my education and work to make my own life better. I could not afford a child right now and I guess I am too selfish to give up my dreams for a child. Every person, male or female, should get to be able to make those choices. The fact that I have a uterus does not mean that my only life ambition or goal is or should be having babies. Men opt out by leaving and not looking back. Why shouldn’t a woman get to opt out without looking back or wondering about the life of the child she gave up? Being pro-choice for me is about being able to choose my own destiny.

[Submitted from Lincoln, NE]