Because the life of a potential mother is sacred too

 All people I know ( including me) are pro-life.
No person has ever said: “Yes, let’s rejoice in abortion”.
The difference is, some of us who are pro-life, mean all life, and also believe, that women must have the choice when it comes to giving birth to another human being. That is truly pro-life, because the life of a potential mother is, every bit as sacred as the life of a potential baby.

Women who suffer abortions have many reasons for their decision. None of those reasons are petty, or without merit.
Whether women’s reasons are financial, they have been raped, they have had all the children they can take good care of, the fetus is not viable, whether they feel they are too old or too young, or a myriad of other reasons too numerous to describe.

There must ALWAYS be legal, medically safe, and financially available means for women to decide for themselves
as to the choices for their bodies and their lives.

[Submitted from Newfield, NY]