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Because we can’t encourage ‘back alley’ abortions

It’s going to happen, whether it’s legal or illegal. I believe that clean, sterile environments should be an option rather than a back alley where so many in the past have been done.
I don’t believe the government should be in charge of my body and/or my decision.

[Submitted from Casey, IL]

Because of my daughters and granddaughters

Why I’m pro-choice……Because I have a less than 50% chance of surviving another pregnancy…Because I have a more than 65% chance of developing serious life long medical issues if I get pregnant again..Because I have a less than 25% chance of ever carrying another fetus beyond 20 weeks……

And, finally and most importantly, because I am a mother and a grandmother who thinks her daughters, granddaughters and every woman should always have the right to make her own choices concerning her body.

[Submitted by Maria from Cincinnati, Ohio]

Because lawmakers just don’t get it

I’m pro-choice because the idea of one size fits all medical care for women absolutely infuriates me. It’s not always as simple as “just have the baby” because some women may die if their pregnancy is not terminated. And if those women have other children, a choice of a baby brother or sister vs. a mother–because a pregnancy can be a do or die situation–shouldn’t be the decision of a lawmaker who far too often is male and just plain doesn’t “get it”. So I’m pro-choice. Always have been. Likely always will be.

[Submitted by Nancy McCammon-Hansen from Fort Wayne IN]

Because every situation is different

I have many reproductive system anomalies, including a fused uterus and polycystic ovarian cysts that border on cancerous. I was told at the age of 13 when I went in for severe menstrual bleeding and excessive pain that I would have to be on birth control until I was old enough to have a hysterectomy or suffer intense pain and increased risk of cancer with each menstrual cycle.

I was then told when I got married that due to my tipped and fused uterus that I would be to unable to carry a child to term without excessive preparation and even then would risk death to myself.

Birth control and abortion are important to me to keep me alive for my family and the families for whom I serve as a community mental health therapist. I am pro-choice because of my experiences and the experiences of the people I work with. I understand that every situation is different and every choice is personal.

[Submitted from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma]

Because the life of a potential mother is sacred too

 All people I know ( including me) are pro-life.
No person has ever said: “Yes, let’s rejoice in abortion”.
The difference is, some of us who are pro-life, mean all life, and also believe, that women must have the choice when it comes to giving birth to another human being. That is truly pro-life, because the life of a potential mother is, every bit as sacred as the life of a potential baby.

Women who suffer abortions have many reasons for their decision. None of those reasons are petty, or without merit.
Whether women’s reasons are financial, they have been raped, they have had all the children they can take good care of, the fetus is not viable, whether they feel they are too old or too young, or a myriad of other reasons too numerous to describe.

There must ALWAYS be legal, medically safe, and financially available means for women to decide for themselves
as to the choices for their bodies and their lives.

[Submitted from Newfield, NY]

Because pro-life shock tactics are wrong

I am pro-choice for a lot of reasons, but I became pro-choice at a very definitive moment. I was in DC around the age of 13 with a school field-trip to see all the buildings and stuff. In one of the parks we were walking through, some anti-choicers were holding a protest against abortion.

I saw the signs of bloody fetuses and other really horrific images, and I decided that a group of people who had to resort to terrible shock tactics like that was a) just full of horrible people and b) didn’t actually have a strong enough argument to support their rationale, making shocking demonstrations the only way for them to get what they wanted.

I decided in that moment I wanted nothing to do with them.